Woman files complaint with cops after loan sharks threaten to go viral

Be careful before putting your ID document details and photographs on any random loan providing mobile apps because by doing this you could not only put a loan burden on yourself but dodgy loan sharks can also misuse these details to transform the images and threaten the victims to pay the loan money. A 39-year-old woman from Kanjur Marg has filed a criminal offense with the police alleging loan sharks have altered her photo and threatened to make her photo go viral if she does not pay the loan money.

According to Parksite Police, the victim’s family was facing a financial crisis and they were looking for a personal loan. On February 18, while surfing the internet, the victim came across a mobile application that offered easy loans. The victim downloaded the said app and uploaded his PAN card, Adhaar card, bank details and photo on the said app. A few minutes later, the victim received an SMS informing him that a loan of Rs 8000 had been approved for him. The victim then received Rs 4640 in his bank account from the loan application company.

“According to the victim, she immediately responded on the loan application that she did not want a loan from them, but received no response from the loan company. On February 23, the victim received a message stating that she will have to pay Rs 8000 against his loan. The victim paid the said amount after which the victim continued to receive messages to pay more money against the loan given to him. The victim ignored these messages and on February 27, the victim received an image on his WhatsApp from an unknown number. This image contained his obscenely altered photograph. The victim also received a message that if he did not pay the loan amount, his photograph would go viral,” a police officer said.

The victim then informed her husband of her ordeal and filed a complaint with the police under Section 420 (Deceit and Dishonest Inducement in Delivery of Goods) of the Indian Penal Code and Sections 65 (Rate of Source Documents Computers), 66 (Computer-related offences) and 67 (Punishment for publication or transmission of obscene material in electronic form) of the Information Technology Act.

Posted: Thursday March 17th 2022, 06:59 IST

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