VCs make massive returns on less than 30 companies

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In the world of the under 30s, we devote thousands of words and hours to telling founders’ stories. We spend far less time talking about the often 30+ venture capitalists who bolster these founders at every stage.

This week, my colleagues released the Midas List, our annual list highlighting the most prominent living venture capitalists, and launched a new list for Emerging Venture Capital Gods (more on that later). Andreessen Horowitz general partner Chris Dixon and Ribbitit is Micky Malka claim first and second spots on Midas’ flagship list, respectively, in part because they amassed huge returns when creating the Under 30s Coinbase went public in April last year with a market capitalization of $85 billion.

So many other Midas Listers have used their investment dollars and smarts to run the biggest companies under 30 behind the scenes. Sweet Mary bond capital and Steven Ji both back Clothco-founded by the billionaire and under-30 star Melanie Perkins, Cliff Obrecht and Cameron Adams. And 13 Midas advertisers supported Bandagedco-founded by the Collison brothers, who were among the first to make the Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

Capital of Greenoaks founder Neil Mehta, however, proves that you can actually bake your cake and eat it too – by that I mean investing in Deliveroo, Robinhood, Toast, Sonder, Airtable, Brex, Canva,, Discord, Stripe, Databricks and more. others at the Series B stage, then watch them go public and score valuations well over a billion. Mehta first entered the Forbes universe when he made the Under 30 Finance list in 2014. At the time, the company he founded had $600 million in assets.

Get the Midas list here, and maybe turn your investments into gold (or Bitcoin) too.

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Money movements this week

How China Anna Croc has built the best pipeline of early-stage startups in the world, earning it the #1 spot on the List of Midas Seeds.

American agriculture faces more than $3 billion labor crisis. Seso, a startup that digitizes agricultural hiring and payroll processes, wants to solve this problem and has just raised a Series A of $25 million to do so.

Indian infrastructure tycoon Gautam Adani became Asia’s richest man with a net worth of $100 billion.

The 34-year-old immigrant behind Lumafield designed CT scanners to improve consumer products, from bicycles to sneakers to shampoo bottles. “We try to take the technology developed for the most extreme applications in the world and make it accessible to all engineers,” he says.

Twingatea cybersecurity firm aiming to take down VPNs, is now worth $400 million with new funding.

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Yesterday, Jewish families like mine opened Passover by asking: Why is this night different from other nights? And I ask: Why is this year different from other years? Although you could answer with a million different reasons – Ukraine, Covid, inflation, Elon Musk, Kourtney and Travis’ shotgun marriage – let me take you back to theForbes universe. This year we added the List of Midas Seeds, which highlights investors who control idea-stage companies and support them as they gain customers, employees and a global reputation. So no, these investors have (relatively) rarely invested in companies with big public offerings, but we all know the benefit of getting in early. Check out the Midas seed list here and check out the great debuts. And happy Passover, Ramadan and Easter to all who celebrate this weekend.

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