Today in Food: Shake Shack hits newsstands

Today in food retail, Shake Shack is targeting in-store ordering channels, and robotics is taking over food service. Additionally, PYMNTS data reveals that loyalty programs are the best way to drive restaurant spending.

Shake Shack turns to kiosks and drive-thru to drive in-store sales

Over the coming year, Shake Shack is focused on bolstering restaurant ordering options, investing in self-service kiosks and its new drive-thru concept, even as digital shopping on its own device are falling from their quarantine highs. In announcing its fourth quarter 2021 results, the New York-based fast food chain shared that while overall sales increased, digital sales were down 20% in December from their January 2021 peak.

Restaurant roundup: robots are invading campuses and kitchens

Funds are pouring in for automated solutions that promise to reduce labor requirements at every stage of the restaurant supply chain. On the delivery side, Berkeley, Calif.-based sidewalk delivery robotics startup Kiwibot announced a contract extension with food services and facilities management company Sodexo to grow its college footprint to 50 campuses. by the end of the year.

PYMNTS data: Loyalty programs are the best way to get customers to spend more

Most restaurants now offer consumers the opportunity to be rewarded for their spending, according to data from PYMNTS’ new Restaurant Friction Index, created in collaboration with Paytronix. The study, which is based on a survey of more than 500 quick-service restaurant (QSR) and full-service restaurant (FSR) managers, found that 57% of restaurants offer rewards programs.



On: Forty-two percent of US consumers are more likely to open accounts with financial institutions that facilitate automatic sharing of their bank details upon sign-up. The PYMNTS study Account opening and loan management in the digital environmentsurveyed 2,300 consumers to explore how FIs can leverage open banking to engage customers and create a better account opening experience.

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