Tillable and Compeer Financial Partner to Offer Digital Farmland Finance



Tillable, Inc. and Compeer Financial have teamed up to launch an online loan application, allowing anyone to buy or refinance farmland directly from a smartphone.

Farmers, landowners and investors can now visit Tillable to purchase a farm mortgage, refinance their current loans, or finance their rent in cash. The fully digital loan application takes less than 10 minutes to complete and for the very first time, qualified borrowers will know if they are approved for the loan of their choice within seconds. The new service is currently available in select counties in Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

“Our new fundraising program is digital with a human touch,” said Corbett Kull, Founder and CEO of Illinois-based Tillable. “Anyone can apply online or by mobile phone 24/7, complete an application in minutes and choose from the competitive rates offered by Compeer. And we have customer service specialists who can help you every step of the way. We know that quality farmland sells quickly and we are ready to act as quickly as possible to help farmers grow their businesses.

Compeer Financial will underwrite and service all loans issued through the partnership. In the short term, companies hope to digitize the entire farm loan closing process.

“Compeer is thrilled to partner with Tillable to reinvent the way farmers can apply for home loans,” said Kelly Miller, director of AgTech financing at Compeer. “Segments of our farmer customers are looking for a digital lending process, so partnering with Tillable allows us to deliver this fast and easy digital experience using their technology. “

Tillable introduces real estate brokerage

The new financial offer coincides with Tillable’s entry into the real estate brokerage market. Tillable customers can now buy or sell farmland through the website. For more information on both services, visit Tillable.com.

Established in 2017, Tillable is committed to protecting farmland while helping landowners and farmers thrive. Tillable’s mission is to make owning and leasing America’s farmland simple and sustainable for generations to come. With more than 1,000,000 acres claimed on Tillable, Tillable uses publicly available data to predict market trends, value farmland, and make the best decisions to care for America’s farmland.


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