This 6 wheel Fiat 500 C is way cooler than any 6×6 G-wagen


Now that apparently everyone and their mom have a 4×4 pickup truck, some have turned to six-wheeled beasts like the Mercedes G-wagen 6×6 to stand out. But with these trucks that quickly become a cliché, we present this charming alternative take on the idea: this 1950 Fiat 500 C, a six-wheeled truck that’s guaranteed to be the only one of its kind parked outside Miami’s most painfully hip club.

Although, when you have this truck, there is no need to go to a trendy bar – the party will come to you. You see that Decree was built as a mobile wine bar, selling red, white, vermouth and marsala in Italy (at what appear to be bargain prices). This Fiat has exercised its to exchange the Italian province of Cuneo, which is roughly halfway between Turin and Nice, France.

The truck was transformed in 1950 by the Turin-based company Ollearo. The body was originally made of metal but was changed to wood during a restoration in the 1990s. Under the hood is a 16 horsepower 569cc 500B engine, and we’re told it will need re-commissioning after long-term storage in the museum. Perhaps this is the perfect opportunity to add a compressor. Or drop into a LS1 V8.

Your chance to grab this Fiat comes on March 25, when the rare truck crosses the auction block at the Sale of classic motor vehicles Aste Bolaffi in Alessandra, Italy.

The good life, Indeed.


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