The 10 Best Health & Fitness Apps of 2020 Have One Thing in Common (Mainly)



Health and fitness apps are winning the Covid-19 era, thanks to closed gyms. But a certain type of health and fitness app wins mobile, according to a new report from Apptopia.

“Six out of ten of the best health and fitness apps are apps that offer video workouts or video-guided exercises,” says Apptopia. “If non-workout apps like Calm, Headspace, and Flo weren’t included here, the relationship between video and non-video fitness apps would be even more important.”


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Without these wellness apps, six of the top seven fitness apps include video components. Which says a lot about fitness in the coronavirus era.

The 10 best health and fitness apps in the United States in terms of downloads in the first half of 2020, according to Apptopia, are:

  1. Quiet: 8.6 million installs
  2. Fitbit: 4.8 million installs
  3. MyFitnessPal: 3.9 million installations
  4. Headspace: 3.8 million installs
  5. Flo: 3.6 million installations
  6. Muscle Booster Workout: 3.4 million installs
  7. BetterMe: 3.2 million installs
  8. Fitness coach: 2.9 million installations
  9. Samsung Health: 2.8 million installs
  10. Home Training – Without Equipment: 2.7 million installations

Video training apps got 65% more downloads than non-video training apps, according to Apptopia. In addition, they had almost 40% more active users per day and generated 15% more revenue.

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The United States so far leads the global ranking of fitness and health app installs in 2020, with 146% more app downloads than India and nearly 300% more than the Brazil or Russia. 64% of us spend more time in fitness apps than last year, according to the report.

One caveat about this data: Chinese mobile app installs are generally not well represented in data from mobile analytics companies, as Google Play is not available in China and many Chinese consumers install apps from there. from a wide range of mobile app stores.

When you just watch video fitness apps, The Fitbit app is clearly a winner.

The Fitbit app has the most installs, the most daily active users, and ranks fourth in in-app purchase revenue with $ 4.4 million, according to Apptopia. Video is an integral part of the Fitbit app, which also has a premium version.

Fitbit is on the verge of increased competition as Amazon launched a paid offering subscription health service associated with its Halo Band and Apple announced Fitness +, which will include personalized workouts and recommendations in nine categories and “world class coaches”.

It’s always a good time to get in shape.

And while now seems like a particularly bad time to be a gym in person, it also seems like a good time to have a new video-based generation. fitness app.

The full report is available here.


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