Students thrilled by Parliament’s demands to abolish loan system


The motions adopted during the budget debate concerning the abolition of the student loan system and the reintroduction of the basic scholarship were greeted with enthusiasm by the Interstedelijk Studenten Overleg (ISO). “It is excellent news that a large majority in parliament has definitely voted against the loan system. Thanks to these motions, a next government simply can no longer avoid the introduction of a new scholarship system: it is the final blow to the loan system. ISO President Lisanne de Roos said. The motions are “a cause for great celebration for students in the Netherlands”, according to De Roos.

The National Union of Students (LSVb) spoke of an important step towards greater equality of opportunity in education. President Ama Boahene: “The student loan system dramatically increases inequalities among students. It is very good news that a large majority of parliament is now speaking out against this system.

The student union said this was just the start. Boahene: “No concrete action has yet resulted from the adopted motions. It is now important to develop an alternative to the loan system in collaboration with student organizations. And compensation must be made for the generation of the loan system.

ISO pointed out that since the introduction of the loan system in 2015, various issues have arisen, such as unequal opportunities, pressure to perform and psychological complaints among students. According to the student organization, students also make other choices to keep their debt as low as possible. “With the reintroduction of a basic scholarship, students will once again have the flexibility they need to develop fully during and after their studies. The new cabinet will have to respond to Parliament’s unequivocal call to provide financial relief to students. “

ISO has said it would like to discuss with parties in the cabinet training process what the new student scholarship system should look like. Previously, he proposed a new system called Students On Their Own Feet. In addition to a basic scholarship, this includes an additional scholarship and “fair compensation for the generation of students who have studied under the student loan system”. De Roos: “Or the plan is on a silver platter.”

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