Simplifying Calculation launches new software application for small businesses – equipment loan

Silicon Valley, Calif.-based tech startup Simplifying Calculation announces the launch of a new online app/software that allows small businesses to calculate business equipment loan details while estimating equipment expenses. depreciation, while still in beta.

The Simplifying Calculation team stays true to its tagline – “Powering Finance Through Simplicity” by delivering custom software and technology solutions for consumer finance and small businesses, as the Silicon Valley company recently announced the sound launch Loan of professional equipment calculator. The solution is one of many applications the company is developing to help small businesses in particular improve their financial understanding, operations, and productivity through technology/software solutions.

Technological advancements have undoubtedly shaped the way businesses and even individuals operate and interact. Over the years, a host of enterprise software applications have been developed by technology companies to help customers deliver a better experience to their target audience. However, there is still a lot to be done in the area of ​​consumer credit and serving small businesses, especially since many of the solutions available are relatively exorbitantly priced. Therefore, Simplified calculation seeks to change that narrative, a claim supported by the recent launch.

The Small Business software application has a user-friendly interface that makes it easier to navigate the different fields and estimate the different aspects of financing an equipment loan. Application features include:

• Calculation of the monthly payment for professional equipment with amortization table,

• Annual interest expenses throughout the life of the loan,

• Amortization tables and comparisons of different methods of calculating amortization charges.

In addition to the recently launched calculator, Simplifying Calculations also creates apps for personal finance, home loans and dividend investors, all designed to meet the needs of small businesses and individuals.

For more information on Simplifying Calculation’s new app, visit – business/commercial equipment and other small business solutions

About Calculation Simplification

Simplifying Calculation is a Silicon Valley, California-based startup that aims to help simplify the calculation that is an inherent part of any financial transaction. The new company offers solutions for personal finance, small business and investments, helping users understand the various complexities in the area of ​​consumer credit and small business.


The company believes that people should view their finances as a source of strength rather than a source of stress.

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