Rockrimmon couple use Zoom to keep their gym viable during pandemic | Woodmen Edition



Andy and Kel Dills have learned to be creative with their health club / fitness center as the doors have been closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Shortly after Colorado Gov. Jared Polis ordered Colorado gyms closed last month, Rockrimmon residents turned to Zoom to keep their members Burn Boot Camp (2456 Montebello Square Dr.) engaged in coach-led workouts in the comfort of their own homes.

Three times a day (5:30 a.m., 9:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.) five days a week, and once on Saturday (8:00 a.m.), Burn members can participate in 45-minute live workouts led by certified gym staff. trainers. Usually 12 to 15 members attend each session.

“Our members still have access to the chat rooms,” Kel said. “Trainers are open to doing it via Zoom, FaceTime or over the phone. A lot of it is about keeping in touch. Many of our members have nutritional goals and fitness goals. But right now we are also trying to help our members cope with loneliness and lack of community. Everything we do is live. It’s one way to keep our community involved.

At the Dills’ Burn location, they offer free daycare for members, as well as Kidz Camp when the doors are open. “Obviously we can’t babysit now, but we can still use Zoom and read stories to the kids and provide Kidz Camp live from our headquarters,” Kel said.

Andy added, “We try to maintain the level of engagement with our members. The new paradigm of the value of online engagement with your community, in addition to just the gym, brings value to everyone’s life.

Each day of the week has a different theme – Mobility Monday, Trainer Tuesday, Nutrition Wednesday, Think About It Thursday, and Form Check Friday.

The Dills have owned the Colorado Springs Burn franchise since October 2018 and built it to over 150 members. Burns’ 250 locations across the country are closed during the pandemic, but franchises are receiving help from headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. Every day, Monday through Saturday, a workout video, typically featuring Burn founder Devan Kline, is provided to Burn members via a YouTube link.

The Dills’ Burn facility has over 5,000 square feet of training space.

Member Heather Sellars said working from home isn’t the same as being at Burn, she’s still able to pour the juice out. “I need this endorphin rush. I need to sweat and focus on something that’s not stressful, ”Sellars said.

“I joined Burn a little over a year ago because I needed stress relief. It has been a great outlet for me. I’ve never been to a gym that has that kind of community and experience. I’m so grateful to Andy and Kel and the company for continuing like this.

Another member, Amanda Amezcua, is able to do five to six Zoom workouts in a week between jobs. “We see the other members on Zoom and it keeps us close as a community,” Amezcua said. “With the schedules they offer the camps, I can do them before and after work. It’s good.”

Andy acted quickly by applying for the small business loan and payment protection programs offered as part of the government’s $ 2.2 trillion stimulus package. About $ 6 billion in coronavirus loans have gone to small businesses in Colorado. The Dills are still awaiting approval of their loan applications.

“We have 12 employees and we have intentionally decided to keep them at their normal wages during all of this,” said Andy. “All of these activities that we do give our employees meaningful work that adds value to their lives, as well as to our customers. Government programs have allowed us to keep a cohesive unity. If we didn’t have these government programs, we would pay out of pocket or people would lose their jobs.

Once restrictions on businesses are lifted and Burn is allowed to reopen, the Dills plan to throw a welcome party for their members.

“Once we see the light at the end of the tunnel, we’ll start planning for this,” Kel said.

While the Dills wait to reopen, they have placed hearts with the names of their members on their Burn windows.

The Dills are offering their standard 14-day free trial while their storefront is closed.


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