PTPTN Launches New Mobile App Called myPTPTN to Help Customers Repay Loans and More

With the app, Malaysians will be able to perform PTPTN services anytime, anywhere, without borders.

Here are the types of services you can use through myPTPTN:

1. Make loan repayment and additional deposits to Simpan SSPN savings account
Users can make additional deposits to their Simpan SSPN savings account or PTPTN loan repayments for their own accounts as well as for third parties.

2. Open a new Simpan SSPN savings account
Users can open a Simpan SSPN savings account for themselves or their children.

3. Download the statement review
Users can view, print, and save copies of their loan statements and Simpan SSPNs that have been downloaded.

4. Transfer excess refunds
Users can transfer excess repayments to their own loan account and savings account.

5. Make Simpan SSPN savings transfers
Users can transfer to their own Simpan SSPN loan and savings account.

6. Request repayment of a Simpan SSPN savings loan/deposits via direct debit, direct debit and payroll deduction
Users can apply for direct debit, direct debit or payday deduction for monthly payments of PTPTN loans and Simpan SSPN savings deposits. Additionally, users can update their employer information as well.

7. Request confirmation of loan balance
Users can request confirmation of loan balance for debt settlement purposes.

8. Download the Debt Settlement Letter (SPH)
Users can download SPH once they have made full settlement of their loans.

9. Update user information
Users can update their phone number, email address, mailing address, login phrase, and favorite accounts.

10. Push notifications
Information or notifications can be quickly delivered to users via push notification to the inbox located in myPTPTN. Among them are Loan Advance Offer Notification (WPP), Loan Approval Notification and Loan Date Notification Credited to Account. This feature will prove useful for students who are waiting to hear good news from PTPTN about their loans.

11. Favorite Account
Users can maintain a favorite account to facilitate transactions whether for loan repayment or Simpan SSPN savings account in the future.

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