Mumbai man harassed by officers goes missing

The man from Taloja, 34, had taken out a small loan; family receiving rape threats, mother and sister branded as sex workers

Absence of Suhas Jagdale

Threat of loan application rages on as 34-year-old man from Taloja, Navi Mumbai, has now disappeared after constant harassment from theoan recovery agents. Her family members, her mother and sister, are receiving rape threats while her photos have been altered and shared with her contacts. Some of the messages sent by debt collectors also indicated that the borrower’s mother and sister were available for paid sex so he could repay the loan.

The borrower, Suhas Jagdale, worked as a delivery man and had been upset for a few days. His sister said at midday: “On Friday, a day before he disappeared, he told me that he had downloaded an application, following which he started to receive messages asking him to repay a loan. . He left on Saturday morning saying he would be back in two days. But he didn’t come back and his number is also off. We registered a missing report with the Taloja police.

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Borrower's sister urged Navi Mumbai Police to take note of their plight and end the nightmare.  Representation photoBorrower’s sister urged Navi Mumbai Police to take note of their plight and end the nightmare. Representation photo

Asked about the harassment, she said: “Even I get abusive messages. They send messages to others saying my mom and I are available for sex. I can’t even begin to tell you about the trauma we are going through.

She added that some of their relatives also received messages that Jagdale raped an underage girl and ran away. Another post, which contained a morphed photo of Jagdale, said he was looking to have sex with men for money. In another message, the agents even wrote that Jagdale had listed the recipient of the message as an emergency contact and therefore if Jagdale did not repay the loan, the recipient should.

“I urge the police to take this seriously and help us locate our brother and end this nightmare,” she said.

Jitendra Sonawane, Senior Inspector at Taloja Police Station, said: “We have already registered a missing complaint and are working to find him. We will also register an FIR based on abusive and vulgar messages received by the missing person’s sister.

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