MK Decision Partners with First Bank of Alabama for Credit Card Issuance System

With the help of MK, we become a better institution for our customers through informative marketing pages, mobile apps and faster decisions.

MK Decision (MK), a FinTech provider of digital account opening and loan arrangementin partnership with First Bank of Alabamaan Alabama community bank with assets of $719 million, to transform their institution’s credit card program from paper-based applications to digitally onboarding customers.

After being introduced by ICBA Bank Cardthe payment subsidiary of Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA), the First Bank of Alabama implemented the MKs Credit card issuance system (CCOS) to provide an online shopping experience for their credit card customers and simplified subscription processes for their internal teams.

“At First Bank of Alabama, we pride ourselves on the excellent service our empowered employees provide to the communities we serve,” said the bank’s CEO. Chad Jones. “True to our mission, I turned to my team to find the right supplier for our digital transformation. Ease of implementation is a testament to MK’s service, transparency and diligent approach to project management. With the help of MK, we become a better institution for our customers through informative marketing pages, mobile apps and faster decisions. »

MK’s CCOS aligns closely with First Bank of Alabama’s mission to provide exceptional service by introducing Customer account to keep applicants informed after application. CustomerAccount offers a cloud-based platform for electronic signatures on agreements, document uploads, and automated status updates. Since implementation, First Bank of Alabama has experienced a 200% growth in request volume.

In addition to improving their online client experience, First Bank of Alabama invested in its internal teams by introducing a loan origination system with real-time credit decision. With fraud on the rise, MK has built its platform to ensure identity verification in every decision. MK CreditConnect integrates with credit bureaus to generate automatic OFAC and MLA checks, dramatically reducing First Bank of Alabama’s underwriting time by 50%.

Driven by its mission to strengthen local economies, MK provides community financial institutions with the technology they need to serve their customers online and compete with megabanks. “First Bank of Alabama has its eyes on the future and its vision is centered on its customers, which makes its partnership with MK Decision not only natural but strategic,” said the CEO of MK. Har Rai Khalsa. “As their digital strategy accelerates, MK is committed to continuously improving our platform to support their transformation. Working with their compliance and marketing teams, we have deployed a customer-centric mindset to reduce the burden of compliance while maximizing the customer experience.”

In recognition of consumer demand for digital financial services, MK has expanded its product line to support both sides of the balance sheet with deposits and credit cards. To foster lasting relationships with future generations, First Bank of Alabama looks to MK as inspiration for its digital roadmap. Together, the pair will deliver the custom-centric culture of First Bank of Alabama through MK’s cloud platform where marketing and decision-making converge.

About the MK Decision

MK Decision’s mission is to help community financial institutions thrive by receiving more deposits and more loans. With a commitment to strengthening local economies, MK’s platform gives community banks a competitive edge through simple, engaging customer experiences and streamlined workflows for bankers. The MK platform supports a variety of financial products, including checking and savings accounts, credit cards, and personal, commercial, small business, and indirect loans. So far, MK has helped over 200 community banks acquire customers online. MK was founded in 2015 and is based in San Diego, CA.

About First Bank of Alabama

First Bank of Alabama has operated for more than 170 years in Talladega, Alabama and surrounding areas. Today, we remain dedicated to the same principles on which we were founded in 1848. We continually improve our products and services to meet the needs of our customers. When you bank with First Bank of Alabama, you can expect the same great service from the friendly, hometown faces that have always been a part of our banking tradition PLUS you get all the modern banking conveniences of ‘today.

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