Mbarali district grants €130m interest-free loan to people with disabilities

The loan is in line with the country’s laws which require every council in the country to set aside 10% of its domestic revenue to lend to women’s, youth and disabled people’s groups to support their activities.

The loans were granted to 17 groups of disabled people over a period of two years which are the financial years 2020/2021 and 2021/2022.

Mbarali District Community Development Officer Roman Kessy said this over the weekend in an interview with this newspaper about the state of the loans and its benefits to eligible people.

Kessy said the strategies they have in place as a district are aimed at ensuring that all disability groups get loans and repay them on time, as well as monitoring the changes caused by those loans.

According to Kessy, in order to ensure the money was returned, they decided to set up a mechanism to provide small amounts of money to these groups to assess the perpetrators if they could be honest.

“In these loans, we have a special team that monitors these groups and makes sure that they repay these loans on time and we have succeeded,” Kessy said, noting that the criteria they look at when granting loans. loans are the capacities of the lender and he/she must carry out any productive activity including commercial.

Kessy said that in making sure people with disabilities do their business well once they get loans, entrepreneurship training is provided to beneficiaries, including identifying markets for their products.

Some disabled people who benefited from the loans said they thanked the government for introducing the loan scheme, saying it helped them recover economically.

One of the beneficiaries, Maria Daudi, said that after getting the loan from their group, she decided to make rice at the Igurusi stand and as a result the business did well, including earning money to support himself and his family. as well as monthly loan service.

“This loan has really helped me and my family. And I can pay my child’s school fees,” she said.

Mbarali District Council Chairman Twalib Lubandamo said the council, after providing loans to groups of disabled people, continues to monitor closely.

“Although some of these groups tend to harass us after receiving loans thinking they were given as gifts, we advise them to return in time and not to wait for monitoring or closure of their businesses,” said said Lubandamo.

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