Lending app company employees arrested for harassing and cheating on woman near Coimbatore | News from Coimbatore

COIMBATORE: Coimbatore Rural Police Cybercrime Police officers have arrested four Smart Loan App staff, including two women, for deceiving and harassing a 24-year-old woman into making phone calls and sending emails. whatsapp messages.
Those arrested were identified as S Arshiya Afreen, 24, from Govindapura in Bangalore, A Rahman Sharif, 24, from Vijinapura in Bangalore, I Yaseen Basha, 27, from RK Hegde Nagar in Bangalore and Parvin, 31. , wife of Rafiullah, from Vijinipura in Bangalore. They were convicted under Section 420 (cheating and dishonest inducement to deliver goods) and Sections 66(D) and 72 of the Information Technology Act.
V Swathi, 24 years old from Veeriyampalayam in Coimbatore district filed a complaint with Rural Cybercrime Police in November 2021. Swathi said in her complaint that she applied for a loan of Rs 1.01 lakh out of 30 applications mobile loan, but that she had only received Rs 57,000. However, she handed over Rs 74,000 with interest. The woman had received phone calls and WhatsApp messages from various unknown numbers regarding the loan. The unknown members of the loan application forwarded the message to her friends and said that she was a fraud and did not pay the loan amount. Based on his complaint, the police registered a case.
Swathi also shared mobile numbers of strangers who made phone calls from the Smart Loan app. The police traced the whereabouts of the unknown persons and learned that they resided in Bangalore. A police team led by Rural Cybercrime Police Inspector Jayadevi rushed to Bangalore on the evening of March 19, 2022 and arrested the four people. They were brought to Coimbatore on March 20 and police teams grilled the four people.
Preliminary investigations revealed that Arshiya Afreen worked as a manager, Rahman was the deputy manager, Yaseen was a caller, and Parvin was a manager of the smart loan app’s customer service center. “They worked from home and received over Rs 30,000 monthly salary. But they haven’t met the owner of the Smart Loan app. The owner named Sunny did not show his face during the online meeting with the staff. However, he used to request details via WhatsApp from his employees. As of now, we learned that Sunny was operating the lending app business from overseas,” a police officer said.
When Swathi was unable to repay the amount, she was verbally abused by those arrested and her photos were widely shared by them with her friends and family members.
The four people were brought before a magistrate on Sunday. They were remanded in custody.

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