Lareka unveils personalized chocolate concept for the high-end confectionery market



Netherlands-based Lareka Confectionery Equipment has claimed a key breakthrough for the industry with its custom chocolate concept, offering an end-to-end production solution.

As the company explained to Confectionery Production, its recently unveiled system allows companies to offer low-volume luxury customizable finished products in the form of puzzles, one-off items or a series of candy bars. .

The concept of the company contains a web application, a high-quality industrial printer, a precision die-cutter and uses the company’s established BTB25 packaging machine.

Customizable packaging in small series allows companies to make the most of the added value of this packaging trend. Besides the promotional opportunities it creates, such a bespoke chocolate wrapper turns an ordinary chocolate bar into an exclusive treat, personal gift, or memorable keepsake.

As the company noted, the combination of a positive customer experience and a unique end product is what drives consumers, GEN-Z in particular, to pay a higher price for “the same product.”

However, the business continued, the problem with offering customizable chocolate packaging is that it requires equipment and services from different areas of the industry: web and application development, digital printing, chocolate and manufacturing. Another factor, the company said, is that chocolate companies that offer customizable chocolate wrappers often use third parties. Lareka’s personalized chocolate concept solves this problem by bundling the required equipment and services, resulting in an end-to-end solution for customizable chocolate packaging.

Additionally, Lareka acknowledged that the economic impact of the Covid-19 outbreak will be felt across most industries, including the chocolate industry. Given that it is likely to be affected by the decline in chocolate consumption, he believes that an investment in innovative machinery improves a company’s competitive advantage when the economy recovers and consumption increases. of chocolate should increase accordingly. The company added that using such a complete solution provides relatively short payback times, due to the higher retail prices demanded by distinctive and personalized products.

“We have noticed global changes in consumer behavior and preferences. Gen-Z looks for high quality, customizable products and is willing to pay a high price for them. How our team has transferred this trend into a highly profitable, customizable chocolate concept makes me incredibly proud, ”said Henk Somers, CEO of Lareka Confectionery Equipment. From the custom design to the chocolate bar wrapped in just three minutes to a batch size of one – our concept demonstrates lean production at its best.

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