How to check if a loan has been taken out on your Pan card to prevent it from being misused

There have been many stories of fraud involving Pan card loans. Find out how you can check if a loan has been taken out on your pan card.

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There have been a number of cases where PAN cardholders have discovered that a loan has been made to an unknown person on their PAN without their permission.

The victim’s CIBIL notes were badly damaged as a result of the PAN card lending fraud.

PAN and Aadhar numbers should not be shared as it is highly confidential information. Apart from this, one must put the reason for providing a photocopy of his PAN card and xerox Aadhar card on his PAN card and Aadhar card.

Most people are worried about their privacy after Bollywood actor Rajkumar Rao was the victim of financial fraud on Saturday when his PAN card was used to take out a loan in his name.

Rajkumar Rao also tweeted the same, showing his concern. He tweeted: ‘#FraudAlert My pan card was misused and a small loan of Rs 2500 was taken out in my name. As a result, my CIBIL score was affected”.

He also tweeted: “@CIBIL_ Official, please do the same and therefore take precautionary measures against this.”


A person’s PAN is linked to their bank/financial accounts.

Therefore, any institution from which an individual borrows regularly reports this information to the credit bureaus, which updates it in their systems.

As a result, credit rating agencies can access information about outstanding debts on a PAN.

By logging into many such websites, one can monitor his loan status. These apps and websites provide users with their CIBIL score as well as real-time loan information.

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