Dodge City prepays loan, now debt-free



October 15 – DODGE CITY – Dodge City City Council celebrated the absence of debt by burning the note on its $ 400,000 loan that it managed to repay 21 years earlier.

The loan from the United States Department of Agriculture was taken to modernize the city’s sewage system and was due to be repaid in 2040. Instead, the city made its last payment of $ 2,042 in July. .

Mayor Twana Canada set the note on fire and threw it in a waiting bucket. Then she thanked everyone who helped with the upgrades and quick payout.

“We could never have succeeded without you,” she told city council.

Grady Parson of Living Water Services, a utility contractor for Dodge City and other municipalities in Cullman County, said what the city has accomplished by prepaying its loan is very rare.

“What you have accomplished is very, very unusual,” he said. He praised city leaders and noted, “You now have a system that has a lot of additional capacity and growth for Dodge City. “

He later told The Times that the sewage system has the capacity to handle 300,000 gallons per day, far more than it currently treats.

County Commissioner Garry Marchman joked that city leaders would be helpful in Washington, DC, showing them how to handle money, then added, “It’s rare to see a city this size do anything. like that.

According to the Alabama Water and Wastewater Rate Dashboard, Dodge City’s rate of $ 25 per 1,000 gallons is slightly higher than the median rate among all Alabama systems of $ 19 per 1,000 gallons. Dodge City, like Cullman and Good Hope, has a half-cent sales tax and benefits from its proximity to I-65, which attracts travelers who stop to buy gas and gas. food.


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