Carvana doubles Nevada with Reno and Carson City deployments


An omnichannel platform for buying and selling used cars is opened in two new Nevada markets.

Carvana, who operations launched in Nevada with a deployment to Las Vegas in February 2021, now offers next-day contactless home delivery to residents in the Reno and Carson City areas. Customers can buy over 45,000 used cars for sale; secure automobile financing; use a digital car loan calculator; and buy, trade in and schedule next day vehicle delivery in as little as five minutes.

Carvana offers customers a high-definition 360-degree virtual tour of every vehicle, inside and out. Carvana vehicles have passed a rigorous 150-point inspection, have never had a reported accident, and sustained no frame damage. Features, imperfections, and updated information on open safety recalls are listed on each car’s vehicle description page.

All of the more than 45,000 vehicles in Carvana’s national inventory come with a seven-day return policy; as opposed to a traditional test drive. According to Carvana, this guarantees customers the time necessary to determine if the vehicle meets their needs.

Customers can also sell their current vehicle to Carvana and receive an actual offer in as little as five minutes, without having to purchase a vehicle. To sell a vehicle, customers enter their VIN or license plate number on, answer a few questions, then Carvana can pick up the vehicle and bring them a check, the next day.

Carvana also operates “car vending machines” at 29 locations, including a “car slot machine” in Las Vegas. Vending machines are designed to provide a quick and convenient pickup option for customers who purchase a vehicle on the Carvana omnichannel platform for used car buying and selling.

CuCustomers who decide to pick up their car at the sales booth are greeted by a customer’s “lawyer”. They are given an oversized Carvana commemorative coin to insert into the vending machine, which will activate the automated sales process and then watch their vehicle descend through the glass structure. Carvana has car vending machines located in states such as Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas, Florida, Maryland, Arizona, Ohio, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Indiana, ‘Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma and California.

“We look forward to giving residents of the larger, smaller town the opportunity to skip the dealership experience and resume their weekends,” said Ernie Garcia, Founder and CEO of Carvana. “We are confident that the community will embrace the ease and transparency that we offer, being able to purchase thousands of vehicles at unbeatable prices with next day delivery. With the ability to buy thousands of cars online, at unbeatable prices, with next day delivery, we’re also confident Carson City residents will appreciate the ease and convenience that come with the new way to buy a car. car. . “

Founded in 2012 and based in Phoenix, Carvana Now Offers Next Day Vehicle Delivery to Customers in 303 U.S. Cities

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