Brief: loan release letter sent by mistake

The letters were mistakenly sent to Webster students by the Department of Education.

Some students and parents were alarmed to receive a letter last week from the Ministry of Education. The letter contained a “Request for Loan Release: School Closure” form for Webster University. Fortunately, the letters were mistakenly sent to students and parents at Webster University.

Typically, requests for loan release for school closures are for student borrowers who attended a school that closed while they were attending or who withdrew within 120 days of the school closing. The nature of the email alarmed some students.

Graphic by Kenzie Akins.

Webster University responded quickly to the miscommunication from the Department of Education.

“Webster University is not closing. This form was mistakenly sent to members of the Webster community by the United States Department of Education…The University is working with the Department of Education to correct the issue,” the university said in an email from the February 22 to students.

The email also asked students and parents who received the form to “discard it and take no further action.”

According to Webster University’s director of public relations, Patrick Giblin, the problem “wasn’t caused by anything in the Webster University system.”

“We learned of the issue when a dozen students and alumni called our offices to report that they had received the notices,” Giblin said. “We don’t know how many people received these notices.”

Giblin stressed “there is nothing to worry about” regarding the future of the university.

Students with questions or concerns can contact the financial aid office by phone at 314-968-6992 or 1-800-983-4623. The Financial Aid Office can also be contacted by email at [email protected].

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