An entrepreneur uses honeycomb credit to finance a loan for the expansion of his business

Distributor of Mobeauty supplies

Custom vending machine with a beach style wrap

Custom vending machine with a beach style wrap

Air Vacations and Vending Custom Vending Machine with a Wood Grain Envelope

Air Vacations and Vending Custom Vending Machine with a Wood Grain Envelope

An Atlanta-based entrepreneur is looking for last-minute investors to fund an expansion loan to grow her vending machine business.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA, June 27, 2022 / —

Local entrepreneur, Maureen Washington is looking for last minute investors for a crowdfunding loan to expand her vending machine business, Mobeauty Supply Vending. Using Honeycomb Credit, a lending crowdfunding platform that allows everyday people like friends, family and customers to invest in small businesses, has allowed Maureen to engage her community to support in a new way. Honeycomb Credit allows Maureen to raise funds for her expansion with an equity loan rather than a traditional bank loan.

Mobeauty Supply Vending hopes to expand its current offerings as vending machine distributors to help other entrepreneurs see selling as income. Their customers include convenience stores, beauty salons, hair salons, churches, hotels, schools, public buildings, and more. Wherever convenience items may be needed, a vending machine can be placed to help!

Mobeauty Supply Vending is raising funds on Honeycomb Credit for the expansion of its vending machine business to include upgrades such as equipment, furniture/warehouse, office systems and marketing. Once Mobeauty can get a warehouse, the business can really thrive. Machines can be packed up at the warehouse for customers to come in and want to see the product in action. This will make every vending business unique and different from any other, giving anyone who wants to own an auto vending business a chance to excel.

All in all, they are working towards a $50,000 loan to support Maureen’s business growth. The loan is approximately half funded and there are only three days left to meet the minimum loan requirement. For more information on how to support the Mobeauty Vending Supply crowdfunded loan, please visit our investor page at

About Mobeauty Supply Vending Machines:

Mobeauty Supply Vending Machines is a black women-owned company at the forefront of innovative specialty vending machines. Business owner Maureen Washington aspires to help other entrepreneurs grow with customizable vending machines to suit any need or location. From beauty salons to universities to AirBnBs, vending machines are as versatile as the items they carry.

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Mobeauty Vending Supply is looking for investors to finance a loan

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