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The winner of the latest cash loan statement is the Master Cash Loan offered by Bankate, which has a nominal interest rate of 3.99%, and a commission of 7.50% is charged for its granting. This translates into a monthly installment of PLN 606.69. It is worth remembering that the offer described has some limitations. The basic ones include a low maximum loan amount (only PLN 35,000) and a relatively short repayment period – up to 60 months.

The second place in the ranking was Cash Loan with a low commission granted by Bankate. The monthly installment of this liability is PLN 609.27. This value is derived from the nominal interest rate and the commission charged for financing, amounting to 6.89% and 1.99%, respectively.

The person interested in the offer must accept that the loan can only be taken out at Santander’s stationary branches, and more specifically at one of the branches taken over from the former Deutsche Bank.

The third place in the ranking was taken by the loan available at Fleshbank. Cash Vestu, because this is the name of the liability, has a nominal interest rate of 5.90% and a commission charged for financing in the amount of 5.00%. The monthly installment of the analyzed offer amounts to PLN 615.28.

In the case of Vestu Cash, it is worth paying attention to the maximum liability amounting to as much as 250,000. PLN However, it is intended for people interested in consolidation of already existing liabilities – for other clients the maximum amount is PLN 120,000. zł.

In our opinion

In our opinion

The leading cash loans were dominated by banks operating under the Santander brand: Bankate and Bankate. It is the result of the overlap of two factors. The first is the improvement of offers in these two institutions, and the second is the deterioration of pricing conditions at Outbank and Nefbank (1st and 2nd place a month before). On the other hand, the stable behavior of Fleshbank, which remained in the third position, is very good.

Accepted cash loan parameters

Accepted cash loan parameters

The model liability amounts to PLN 25,000 and is drawn for a period of 48 months. The use of a loan does not require the creation of a personal account, thanks to which this undertaking does not generate additional costs. Offers are sorted ascending from the lowest monthly installment.

Model borrower

Model borrower

An example of a borrower is a single, renting an apartment in a medium-sized city, employed on the basis of a contract of employment. He receives a remuneration of PLN 3,000 net and this is his only source of income. In addition to renting a flat and a loan for the purchase of a car, it does not pay any additional obligations. He intends to spend the funds obtained from the loan for any purpose he has chosen.

How do you find the best online cash loan?

How do you find the best online cash loan?

The number of offers available on the market often makes it difficult to find a loan matching the expectations and financial possibilities of a potential borrower. It happens that the selected proposal is addressed only to a group of people who meet certain criteria or rigorous procedures of the bank closing the way to the dream financing. In such situations, it is worth using the Rankomat cash loans comparator, which will effectively narrow down the search area.

How to get a cash loan online?

How to get a cash loan online?

The procedure has been kept to a minimum. All you have to do is select the appropriate offer and click “choose”. Next, please provide your name, surname, telephone number and e-mail address in order to facilitate identification during a conversation with our consultant. He will present all the details of the selected offer, conduct an initial assessment of creditworthiness and dispel the potential doubts of the applicant.

Market situation

Market situation

Relying on data provided by the Credit Information Bureau, the value of consumer loans granted in 2017 reached PLN 78.66 billion and was 3.5% higher than in 2016. In numerical terms, the amount of cash and installment loans granted increased by 1% year on year. Thanks to this, despite the weaker December, positive growth in consumer loans was maintained.

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Quick payday loan – Find a loan in 2 minutes! /quick-payday-loan-find-a-loan-in-2-minutes/ /quick-payday-loan-find-a-loan-in-2-minutes/#respond Fri, 21 Jun 2019 12:58:04 +0000

Quick payday loan

Quick personal loan

Many projects may require significant funding, which is not necessarily within the reach of everyone. A consumer credit can be an interesting solution to finance your needs and there are some tips to get a quick payday loan.

What is a fast payday loan?

What is a fast personal loan?

A payday loan is a type of consumer credit that allows the borrower to dispose of the loan amount as he wishes, without having to provide proof of use to the lender. The fast payday loan can be used to finance a good of consumption but also benefits of all types. It is a credit that can range from 200 euros up to a maximum of 75000 euros (which is the ceiling for a consumer credit) and whose borrowing period must be a minimum of 3 months. The repayment is made in monthly installments most of the time. The maximum duration may vary from one organism to another, but it can not generally exceed 7 years (84 months). The rate of a fast payday loan also varies according to the different lenders who can set it freely provided that it does not exceed the rate of usury, which is the maximum legal rate that can be applied to a consumer credit ( it can be found on the website of the Banque de France). The rate of wear varies according to the sum borrowed and changes every quarter.
The conditions for granting a fast payday loan as well as the terms of repayment also depend on the bank or institution specializing in the consumer credit chosen. Various fees may be added to the total cost of credit, depending on the different lenders.

The lender must provide certain information to the borrower before signing the contract. This information includes: the cost of the credit as well as the conditions for granting the fast payday loan, the duration of the contract, the amount as well as the number of deadlines, the total amount due by the borrower, the amount of the fees, the APR (annual percentage rate of charge), the existence of a withdrawal period, the compensation in the event of late payment, the conditions for early redemption.

The early repayment of a fast payday loan can be made at any time by the borrower, in part or in full. This can happen if he has a timely cash flow. However, this action may generate additional costs, specific to the credit agreement. No compensation should be paid if the amount of the fast payday loan is less than 10,000 euros, according to the Consumer Code.

The withdrawal period following the signing of the rapid payday loan agreement is 14 calendar days.
During repayment of the fast payday loan, the borrower may eventually postpone maturities if he ever finds himself in financial difficulty. The refund is then suspended at a later date. Generally, a postponement of deadlines for a fast payday loan is possible twice a year. However, such an action lengthens the duration of the loan and, as a result, increases the total cost of the loan.

With regard to the insurance of a fast payday loan, it is not obligatory, it is up to the borrower to choose whether he decides to insure his credit or not. The bank or credit institution may nevertheless refuse to grant the loan if it does not subscribe to it. However, if the borrower decides to take out insurance, he is not obliged to do so with his lender but can also apply to another institution, which could possibly have a more advantageous offer. to secure his fast payday loan.

Which projects can be financed by a fast payday loan?

Which projects can be financed by a fast personal loan?

A quick payday loan can allow the borrower to cope with any kind of expenses. He can use it to acquire a good of consumption as well as various services. This may be for example a new vehicle or capital goods (a washing machine, computer equipment…). The borrower can just as easily use the amount borrowed to finance a trip, just like the expenses related to an event like a wedding for example but also works of remodeling, the expenses of studies… The choice is vast as regards the use of a quick payday loan. It can also help cope with unexpected expenses such as medical expenses, taxes or divorce.

The borrower can even, if he wishes, use his quick payday loan to finance several projects at a time. Be that as it may, whatever the nature of its projects, it will not need to justify the use of the amount borrowed from the bank or the institution specialized in consumer credit with which it subscribes to a quick payday loan.

What is the difference between an assigned loan and a fast payday loan?

What is the difference between an assigned loan and a fast personal loan?

The main difference between an assigned loan and a fast payday loan is the loan assignment. Indeed, the rapid payday loan, as mentioned above, does not necessarily aim to finance the purchase of a specific good or service but can be used to cover various and varied expenses. It allows the borrower to freely dispose of the amount of credit paid into his account without having to provide proof of use. Conversely, the loan allocated is a consumer loan which is linked to the purchase of the object or service for which the borrower contracts it. Thus, the latter must provide a proof of his expenses, that is to say, for example, an invoice or an estimate. Unlike rapid payday loans, the credit allocated gives the borrower some protection for his purchase. Indeed, if a problem occurs with the sale (if it is canceled for example) or if the object delivered is defective, it will inevitably lead to the cancellation of the credit affected and thus, the borrower will not have to make refunds. On the other hand, in the case of a fast payday loan, if, for example, the sale does not proceed as planned, the borrower will still have to repay the amount borrowed.

In the case of an assigned loan, most of the time it is to the seller that the borrowed funds are paid directly while for a fast payday loan, it is the borrower who receives them on his account. Thus, if the sale made through the assigned loan is canceled, it is up to the seller to return the funds to the bank or institution that granted the loan. Similarly, if the borrower had already started repayments in monthly installments, the seller will have to return the amounts he has paid. Also, if the borrower is ever refused the loan, he will not be obliged to continue his purchase.

Thus, in the face of rapid payday loan, the loan allocated is still a certain security for the borrower but not only. This is also a guarantee for the lender since the loan is tied to the purchase of a specific good or service. Therefore, given the risk incurred by the lender, the applied rate of the fast payday loan (annual percentage rate of charge) will often be higher than that of an affected loan taken out with a bank or specialized institution. consumer credit. However, it should be noted that an assigned loan contracted directly at a point of sale may, on the contrary, have a higher APR than the fast payday loan.

Since the borrower does not have to provide proof of use of the borrowed amount, terms of acceptance of a fast payday loan are also stricter than those of an assigned credit. However, it should be noted that the rapid payday loan has a distinct advantage over the affected loan which is the flexibility it can offer since the amount borrowed is not allocated to a specific purchase.

Go through his bank or broker for a quick payday loan

Go through his bank or broker for a quick personal loan

To obtain a quick payday loan, you can contact the lender of your choice. It can be a bank or an institution specializing in consumer credit. You can go directly to your banker with whom you have a special relationship since he knows your situation. This can be a good solution for getting a quick payday loan. However, if you do not have a record that works in your favor or your relationship with your bank is not necessarily advantageous, it will be more difficult for you to obtain a quick payday loan.
If you do not want to go through your bank and if you want to have a view of the different offers of the market to get a better rate on your fast payday loan, you can also call on a broker who will help you eventually find the offer. more advantageous and that best fits your needs. However, it is a service that will incur fees, in the form of commission on the amount you will borrow. It should be noted that this still represents some time saving since the broker will do all the research for you.

Have a good record to get a quick payday loan

Have a good record to get a quick personal loan

You should know that no matter which lender (whether a bank or a credit agency) you choose, you may be denied fast payday loan if he believes that your repayment capabilities have a negative impact. some risk for him. This may be the case if your salary is not high enough to meet the repayments of the amount you want to borrow or if you are in a professional situation that is not necessarily stable (interim, fixed-term…). It is the valuation made by this lender that will be decisive in your obtaining a fast payday loan since each organization can set its own conditions for granting a loan.

Thus, if you want to get a quick payday loan, it is important to first take stock of your situation and your ability to repay a loan.
To begin, calculate your debt ratio which is the ratio between your monthly expenses (including other credits that you might have in progress) as well as your income. You will have very little chance of obtaining a fast payday loan if your debt ratio exceeds 33%, in which case banks do not generally accept loan applications (this is the case for all consumer loans). However, some credit institutions can accept a request for a fast payday loan in a debt situation higher than 33% but it is not advisable to take a loan in such a case since its repayment can quickly become cumbersome and you lead to a situation of over-indebtedness.

If it turns out that your debt ratio is too high, you can apply for a quick payday loan over a longer period, which will reduce your monthly payments. However, it must not be forgotten that this will make the total cost of credit higher.

To take stock of your situation, you will need to bring some essential documents that will allow the study of your file. Among them are your latest bank statements (make sure you have not been exposed recently as this could work against you), your last pay slips, your latest tax bill, the amortization tables. your loans in progress. Do not try to hide some information because lenders are required to check all the information you give them, an omission or an attempt at deception that can lead to penalties.
It will also be very difficult for you to obtain a quick payday loan if you are banned from the bank or registered with the FICP (payday loan Repayment File).
To summarize, if you want to get a quick payday loan, having a good record is essential. If you are in a stable personal and professional situation, with a low debt ratio and a high living income and your banking situation is not irregular, you will have no trouble getting a quick payday loan whatever lender you are going to visit
Feel free to send your application and apply for credit simultaneously with several banks and / or institutions specialized in credit in order to benefit from several offers and have the choice for your fast payday loan.

Take online steps for a quick payday loan

Take online steps for a quick personal loan

Nowadays, most banks and institutions specializing in consumer credit can obtain credit through their website and by applying online. This saves the borrower considerable time since he can do this by staying at home, without having to travel to a lender and without having to make appointments with advisors (which can waste a lot of time). Applying for a fast payday loan online has many advantages, because of its simplicity and practicality. Indeed, it only takes a few minutes to complete your application by sending your request for a quick payday loan to the lender. All this by keeping your data confidential thanks to the secure system of banks and online credit agencies. The fast personal online loan can also make it possible to perform several free and uncommitted credit simulations without leaving your home.
The answer to the request is also fast. Generally, based on the reported items, you will be provided with an immediate policy response, which will help you know if you can access the fast payday loan. Most of the time, you will also be able to track the progress of your fast payday loan online once the lender has decided to grant it to you. Similarly, you can ask to make changes if necessary. You will usually receive full assistance in setting up your payday loan file quickly and will have all the information you need to take the time to reflect on your future engagement with the lender.

One of the advantages of a fast payday loan online is also the fact that you can apply at any time of the day, the opening hours of banks and credit agencies that do not need to be taken into account as you do not have to go there.

In addition, the proposals that you can find on the internet are often more advantageous than those you could find by visiting banks or credit organizations. There are many promotions among the offers that can be found online.

However, applying for a quick payday loan online can still have some disadvantages. Among them, there is the impossibility of a physical meeting with the advisor responsible for your credit application. If you ever have specific questions or need to make specific requests for your situation, it may be difficult to do so by only having access to the various online features. However, you will still be able to call customer service or possibly open a chat window on the lender’s website. This will help you in

your steps for a quick payday loan.
It should also be noted that even if it is possible to find advantageous offers, online offers are not necessarily cheaper than those that you could find by going there and negotiating when applying for a quick payday loan online is more difficult than at an appointment with a counselor.
Remember to inquire before any request for a quick payday loan.

Another disadvantage of fast payday loan online is the fact that the offer you will see during your credit simulation will generally be different from the offer you will receive thereafter. Indeed, the rate of the offer of fast payday loan that will be proposed to you will be adapted to your profile as well as to your professional situation. If you decide to do your work online, pay close attention to the difference between the rate obtained during the simulation of quick payday loan and the one that we will propose to you and do not hesitate to ask explanations to a consultant of the lender organization if necessary.

If you want to minimize the time to get your payday loan fast, make sure that your credit application is as complete as possible and includes all the information needed to process your file and the supporting documents required for its study. A solid record, a stable situation with fixed income, remain the most important points in obtaining a fast payday loan.

Use an online comparator for a quick payday loan

Use an online comparator for a quick personal loan

If you want to get a quick payday loan, it can be helpful to use an online credit comparison tool. It is a tool that will allow you to get an overview of the various offers in the market so that you can quickly find the one that best suits your needs and your expectations. Online comparators do not all have the same quick payday loan proposals, so it can be interesting to use multiple credit comparison sites to access the most advantageous offer. However, consider taking some precautions before using a comparator. First of all, these sites must be completely free and without commitment, beware of those who may offer you paid services. Since credit is an important commitment, it is better to do your research on recognized sites, which you can fully trust. Remember to use sites with partners or banks or credit institutions known and popular. This will allow you to get a better idea of ​​the different proposals that you can find on the market to find the one that will best suit your situation.

You can perform two types of search on online comparators. First, a global search, which will allow you to have a quick and general view of the different offers of the market. Similarly, you can do a more personalized search that will allow you to get results by varying the amount you want to borrow as well as the duration of the fast payday loan agreement. An even more advanced search will allow you to visualize the offers that could best match your personal and professional situation by entering data about you.

The key indicator in the comparison of quick payday loan offers is the APR (annual percentage rate of charge) and this is the criterion that you should look at first by comparing the different proposals. This is a rate that expresses the total cost of a credit because it includes not only all interest but also the various fees or commissions of any kind related to fast payday loan offers. Thus, it is the best credit comparison tool (it is also valid for other forms of consumer credit). The mention of the APR is mandatory on all credit offers as well as on advertising media associated with them. It can be set freely by the bank or institution specializing in consumer credit as long as it does not exceed a certain threshold defined by the law that is called the rate of wear. This is the maximum rate that may be applicable by the different lenders and is the same for all consumer credits but may vary depending on the amount borrowed. It changes every quarter and can be consulted on the Banque de France website. For example, the rate of wear in the first quarter of 2017 is 13.25% for consumer loans between 3,000 and 6,000 euros. The average effective rate (also available on the Banque de France website) in the fourth quarter of 2016 is 9.94% for loans of the same amount. It is from the average rates recorded in the previous quarter that the rate of wear is fixed.

Thus, take the precaution of checking the rate of wear before making a request to subscribe to a fast payday loan because an annual percentage rate exceeding this limit is illegal and can lead to many penalties for the lender that the offers.

There are other elements that can be taken into account when comparing credits, for example, the lack of processing fees, the amount that can be borrowed and many more. This can also enable you to better choose the quick payday loan offer that will be the most advantageous to you depending on your personal situation.
Some credit comparators do not just compare different offers but can also build your quick payday loan file and send it to the organizations you choose. Thus, an online comparator can help you find the best offer of fast payday loan by directing you to the organizations offering the most advantageous credits and best matching your personal and professional situation, as well as your needs and expectations..

How to apply for a fast payday loan online?

How to apply for a fast personal loan online?

To apply for a fast payday loan online, you can go directly to the website of the bank or institution specializing in consumer credit, make credit simulations and build your personal file by returning information about you that is necessary for the lender to review your file and respond to your request. It is advisable to do this only if you are familiar with the lender in question and trust your services.

You can also go through an online comparator that proposes to send your file to one or more partner organizations of your choice, corresponding to your situation and your needs. In both cases, it is important to perform several quick payday loan simulations to find the most suitable offer. You can do as many simulations as you want to make sure you do not go wrong. Do not forget, beforehand to take stock of your personal and professional situation, your expenses and your income, your debt ratio, your rest to live etc. Then, by varying the duration as well as the amount of credit, you can get various offers. If you want to have lighter monthly payments, you will have to lengthen the duration of the fast payday loan. However, this will also increase its APR (annual percentage rate of charge) and thus its total cost. If, on the other hand, you can afford to pay higher monthly payments, you will be able to reduce the duration of the credit, which will allow you to have to repay a smaller total amount. Make sure that the monthly payments are adapted to your financial situation and that they will not put you in a situation where you would have trouble making your repayments because it could lead you to a situation of overindebtedness.

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Short Term Financing and Bridge Loans /short-term-financing-and-bridge-loans/ /short-term-financing-and-bridge-loans/#respond Wed, 19 Jun 2019 12:17:19 +0000

You need a lot of money but your credit score does not allow you to borrow? Do the banks refuse your credit applications?

If this is the case, you must opt ​​for a private creditor who will offer you a bridge loan or short-term financing tailored to your needs.

What is a bridge loan?

What is a bridge loan?

The Bridge Loan is a short-term mortgage (the applicant for the credit must own) offered by private creditors to Canadians in financial difficulty or with a low credit rating. This type of loan is excellent for people who have been rejected by banks or other financial institutions.

This is a temporary financial tool that will help you improve your credit rating and, as a result, obtain a better bank loan in the future. This is a typical scenario of a bridge loan.

Step # 1: Rejection of the bank

Bridging loans are perfect for those that have been rejected by banks because of their low credit rating.

Step # 2: Work with a Private Creditor

For immediate expenses, you can call on a private creditor. Thereafter, you will have between 6 months and 1 year to repay the amount. This allows you to improve your credit score and then get a bank loan at lower costs.

Step # 3: Get a loan

Once your credit score is improved, you will be able to refinance your mortgage with a creditor at lower interest rates in order to get a bank loan soon.

Step # 4: Finally, get the bank loan

The ultimate step and the main purpose of a bridge loan is to improve your credit rating enough so that you can get a bank loan with low interest rates.

When is a bridge loan the ideal solution for me?

When is a bridge loan the ideal solution for me?

Bridge loans obtained from private creditors are used for a multitude of things. Among them :

  • Repeated rejection of your credit requests: If, on several occasions, you have been refused by the banks, the bridge loan will allow you to improve your credit score while obtaining the necessary amount.
  • Deferred payments, 60 days notice, formal notice: A bridging loan can allow you to correct the errors of the pass and to point to a better financial future.
  • Unpaid taxes: If you have to pay federal or provincial taxes and you do not have the money, contact us as soon as possible.
  • Commercial Owners: If you own a business and have difficulty raising the necessary funds, you can opt for the bridge loan by sub-guaranteeing your property, which will earn you interest. much weaker.
  • Debt Consolidation: The Bridge Loan is an excellent tool for consolidating all high-interest debt while still building a better credit rating.
  • Consumer Proposals: If you are in process or applying for a consumer proposal, a private creditor may work with your trustee to shorten the payment period.
  • Mortgages: If you currently have a lien on your home because of debt problems, consider going to a private creditor.

Want more information?

Want more information?

If you think the bridge loan is the right solution for your current situation, then submit your request to speak with a private creditor today. The application is easy and free.

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URGENT LOAN – Financing & Research Private Equity /urgent-loan-financing-research-private-equity/ /urgent-loan-financing-research-private-equity/#respond Fri, 10 May 2019 14:14:37 +0000 Find an investor on the Internet when you are an entrepreneur looking for private capital, it’s fashionable. Participatory investing is becoming more visible thanks to the many platforms that allow an individual looking to invest in a company to do so in good conditions. For the investor who is looking for a project to invest, we have selected the sites to follow. Futher reading at

Startups looking for financial partners: PaknerCheap

A company, when it starts, often needs urgent financing, especially if you have to implement a good idea before the competition. For those looking for an urgent loan, you can go to your bank, but also find the missing money from individuals who invest in SMEs.

Find a startup to finance on Particeep

The site highlights SMEs that have potential. These are selected by experts, who highlight the risks, knowing that there is always a risk to invest in a company that will launch. It is not necessary to have a large sum aside to participate in the financing of a startup, the entry ticket is quite low.

Go through a community for a participatory investment: Zalibago

It is a way to access professional projects that individuals believe, but also the specialists who have analyzed them. The investment starts at 1000 euros, which allows everyone, even a small saver to put himself in the shoes of entrepreneur, since it is somehow part of the project helped, on its scale.

Specifically, appointments are organized between entrepreneurs and those who want to invest. Meeting these young people is a way of believing in the project, asking all the necessary questions, even those who are angry, and making an informed decision.

Tax benefits

Helping companies, by providing them with capital, is a way of tax exemption, which is not the least of the advantages. It is thus possible to deduct 18,000 euros from its income tax, but also 45,000 euros from its wealth tax.

Sparkload: to enable entrepreneurs to find funds

When you start a start up, you often need significant resources, whether new technology or not. Sparkload allows you to raise the missing funds, if necessary, provided you convince individuals to believe in the project. It is not uncommon to be able to get the kettledrum there, that the needs are to find 10 000 euros, or why not, 100 000 euros.

How to present your project

The site makes it possible to quickly propose its project of company to who would like to invest there. There can be multiple investors for the same project, since it is possible to become one for 50 euros. For those who are put off by the administrative when creating a company, it is also possible to find on the site examples of legal documents such as statutes.

All business projects can claim to be eligible when it comes to promoting a company. Associations can not find capital in this way. The good news is that it is possible to present your project, even if the company is not yet created (you often have to raise money for it).

This is a system that can find more money than it is possible to do on some crowfunding sites (it is not uncommon to find 50,000 euros on Sparkload). Be careful: to find money is to give shares of capital in exchange. How far are you ready to go?

And how to invest?

Participating in the collective effort is not only paying taxes, it is also participating in this kind of economic initiative.

But investment is risky because not all companies will succeed, it’s the very definition of entrepreneurship. However, some can card, and save a lot of money to who has risked a small part of his savings. For everyone to measure the risk they are able to take, the more cautious to turn to booklet A.

Special fundraising rule: it is definitive only when the objective (needs) is reached. Which means that there are a number of investors who believed in the project.

Invest with Wiseto

Still a crowdfunding platform that dissects projects to find the best opportunities, with a good return to the key. Companies that can generate strong growth are favored. These are young companies, highly competitive in their field.

But as always with innovation, nothing is guaranteed, the risk always exists to lose 100% of its investment. However, the advantage of start-ups is that they do not have too many values, they create it every day a little more.

In the case of profits, you start by earning an annual return, corresponding to your share of the capital of the company, if the company decides to pay them to the shareholders rather than reinvesting them. Then, in case of transfer of its shares, it is possible to make a great gain if the company earns money and is growing.

To find a partner: my success story

A site that brings together all those who want to undertake. On, you come to submit your project, donate, or collect. The investor may be active or passive, as desired.

Let entrepreneurs tell you: private capital is not inaccessible! There are many savers, business angels, who are waiting for the right project to invest, financially speaking (but not only). An urgent loan can also be obtained through this means, it is not only banks in life.

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Serious private loan: Request for urgent and no-cost credit /serious-private-loan-request-for-urgent-and-no-cost-credit/ /serious-private-loan-request-for-urgent-and-no-cost-credit/#respond Sun, 05 May 2019 12:05:17 +0000

Credit without a bank or loan between individuals is a form of credit that can be done without going through a bank branch. The loan between individuals is one, because it is feasible between two parties, that is, the lender and the borrower, who can be individuals hence the name loan from individual to individual or pap. Its great advantage is to allow anyone wishing to make a loan to subscribe to a fast credit. The request has been made easier so that the release of funds is as fast as possible in this type of loan.

Loan between individuals, a new form of credit without a bank

Loan between individuals, a new form of credit without a bank

Since this money loan is made between the two parties concerned, they set their own conditions. To do this, the lender and the borrower usually draft and sign a credit agreement that sets the conditions for the loan: condition and duration of repayment, monthly payments, interest rate and total amount of credit. It is a formality to justify their commitment. In case of dispute or disagreement, the document will serve as evidence. This step is crucial, even for those close to you, because a credit even without a pay slip is a commitment to repay. Having a debt acknowledgment signed is an essential precaution for the lender who guarantees the repayment of his money by the borrower. This document therefore takes the form of a contract. Some people skip this step, essentially between two family members or two long-time friends. An uncertificated credit can be a source of conflict.

What are the advantages of credit between individuals?

What are the advantages of credit between individuals?

The loan between individuals is most often associated with a quick and easy credit. Compared to other types of credit, the procedures have been streamlined and simplified so that everyone can access them easily. According to the borrower, the process of applying for credit between individuals can be summed up as the signing of a simple acknowledgment of debt. In this case, there must be mutual trust between the two parties. Without banking intermediation and the possible expenses resulting from the different steps and procedures

Note that without bank intermediation and different fees, the total cost of borrowing between individuals is, in most cases, lower than the loans granted by banking organizations. And even if you go through an accredited organization you can always hope to make a good deal by trading for the best rate.

Can we lend zero rate money to an individual?

Can we lend zero rate money to an individual?

If you are looking for a zero rate credit, ie free of interest rate. The loan between individuals can be a very good alternative. It should be known that the interest rate depends on the agreement between the borrower and the lender. It should not just exceed the thresholds enacted by the law which is 20.35% for a credit of 3000 euros or less. If you borrow from a relative, you can negotiate a loan between individuals at zero rates.

Which project to finance with a loan between individuals?

Which project to finance with a loan between individuals?

The loan between individual can be likened to a credit without proof of use in the sense that you can use the sum borrowed freely.

  • If you need cash to deal with an unexpected event: Since everyone is subject to the vagaries of life and can overnight find themselves in a difficult financial situation. The loan between individuals can help you face it and get back on track quickly
  • finance the renovation of his house: eager to undertake renovation work? You can have the money you need to finance these projects without having to make a personal contribution.
  • Financing your company: with the advent of crowdfunding or crowdfunding, young entrepreneurs can now have access to financing more suited to their needs.
  • to buy a new car: need a new car to get to work? It could be an urgent purchase especially if your workplace is far away. The steps necessary to get a car loan can take time and rates are not always advantageous, which is why credit to individuals can be more suitable.

HomieCredit, the first personal loan platform

HomieCredit, the first personal loan platform

Among the many credit companies that offer loans without banks at the best rate, HomieCredit, formerly Pret-d’union, is the leader and offers the best credit offer to individuals. This platform helps people who want to make a loan, whatever their project to finance. However, it is aimed at creditworthy borrowers who are able to repay their commitments within the period communicated in advance. The rate of return at HomieCredit is considerably higher than the rate of conventional savings. Moreover, this credit institution is born from this observation. To reassure the Internet users as much as possible, he has been approved by the French Prudential Supervisory Authority (ACP) since 23 September 2011. Thus, the use of his services prevents the loan applicant from being scammed.

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Real estate loans: how to borrow after 60 years? /real-estate-loans-how-to-borrow-after-60-years/ /real-estate-loans-how-to-borrow-after-60-years/#respond Mon, 08 Apr 2019 12:56:30 +0000

Borrowing after the age of 60 is not impossible. Some banks even find advantages to this type of profile. However, the borrower insurance is a major obstacle for seniors who wish to subscribe a mortgage. These will have to justify strong guarantees to convince the bank.

Banks have been reluctant for a long time to apply for loans issued by seniors because of their greater health risks and insufficient income. But in recent years the situation has changed in their favor. Indeed, banks now offer many solutions tailored to seniors.

Main brake: the cost of borrower insurance

Main brake: the cost of borrower insurance

Like other borrowers, senior citizens must justify a personal contribution covering at least the notary fees, fees and warranty, usually corresponding to 10% of the requested loan. While many seniors are able to justify this contribution, they must most often do away with borrower insurance, which in principle is not mandatory but is almost always claimed by banks. The cost of mortgage insurance is particularly high for borrowers over the age of 60 who suffer from health problems. In some cases and especially when the health status of the subscriber is too degraded, loan insurance can simply be denied.

See also our article Loan insurance: how to renegotiate your home loan insurance

A borrower who has not taken out credit insurance must logically make a larger personal contribution as well as additional guarantees. It can be mortgage loan or the pledge. These alternative solutions may however be particularly expensive for the subscriber.

An average age limit of 85 at the end of mortgage

An average age limit of 85 at the end of mortgage

As life expectancy increases, the age of borrowers increases. A study published in April 2018 by the credit broker YouFinancer states that 17% of borrowers are over 50 years, a figure that has been rising steadily for 5 years. Moreover and contrary to some conventional wisdom, seniors are good customers for banks. YouFinancer emphasizes that these profiles borrow for short periods of time and justify sufficient guarantees to assume their future monthly payments. Indeed, many are already homeowners and their expenses are relatively low since they no longer have dependent children. Over the years, banks have extended the borrowing age limit, which is currently 85 at the end of a mortgage.

Mortgages: financing solutions adapted to seniors

Mortgages: financing solutions adapted to seniors

Not all seniors can access the loan. Indeed, those who do not justify a sufficient personal contribution, who suffer from health problems or whose incomes are not high enough, must opt ​​for an alternative solution.

The collateral, a solution to consider

If you do not have borrower insurance, you can turn to the pledge of pledging a financial investment such as life insurance, a securities account, an Equity Savings Plan (PEA), for the benefit of bank. This solution is particularly interesting for older borrowers who will then be able to get rid of potentially expensive death insurance. The collateral also has constraints since the borrower will not be able to dispose of the pledged investment until the credit is fully repaid.

Mortgage life loan, another way to borrow

The mortgage life loan should not be confused with the life annuity sale or the mortgage system. This solution allows the borrower to finance his purchase project. When he dies, the lender is reimbursed by selling the property. The only drawback related to this solution: the transfer of assets to the heirs is significantly impacted.

Guaranteed mortgage loan gives seniors back purchasing power

The bonded mortgage involves the payment of a bond as an additional guarantee. This covers the risk of death and disability of the borrower. This solution exempts the senior borrower from subscribing to borrower insurance and performing medical examinations. The senior who opts for this solution repays his loan by monthly payment. Upon his death, the bank sells the property to recover the outstanding capital. The heirs will perceive the difference between the amount of the sale and the capital remaining to be repaid.

Thus, it is never too late to borrow, especially in the current context of low credit rates.

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Revolving Credit /revolving-credit/ /revolving-credit/#respond Sun, 07 Apr 2019 13:02:08 +0000

What is a revolving loan?

What is a revolving loan?

Revolving credit is a short-term loan with the possibility of renewal up to the agreed limit. It is similar to an overdraft, but it is independent of the current account. One of the latest is Zaloan Credit.

This is provided by Zaloan Bank, so far known mainly as a provider of short-term loans up to CZK 10,000. The maturity of these loans was a maximum of 45 days. However, you can use Zaloan Credit indefinitely.

What is Credit Limit, or Zaloan Credit?

What is Credit Limit, or Zaloan Credit?

Credit Limit is similar to a revolving loan. You can also draw money (credit) to your bank account at any time up to the approved limit (CZK 2,500 to CZK 80,000). Then, each month, you pay the minimum amount (daily interest is from 0.189%) or even a higher amount at your discretion. You can also repay the entire loan with interest and thus regain the approved limit. When you repay a loan, the bank can raise the limit. You can easily calculate everything with an online credit calculator.

Revolving Credit Limit is an ideal financial reserve for worse times. You only ask for money once, after approval and verification, money is available for you to transfer to your bank account at any time.

Revolving credit is a popular credit product for its flexibility and freedom.

More about Zaloan Bank’s Revolving and Loaning

More about Zaloan Bank

CZaloan Credit Revolving Loan is intended for all Czech residents older than 19 years. Credit Limit Application is served online and handled very quickly. You will only fill in basic personal data, OP number, permanent address, account number, monthly income and expenses.

We will communicate primarily online. Moreover, the popular Zaloan quick loan concept – money within 1 minute on account – is based on the website, ease and speed of use.

Revolving credit is a popular credit product for its flexibility and freedom.

4 Client Experience with Credit Limit Credit

4 Client Experience with Credit Limit Credit

  1. When Mrs. Marcela N. learned about Credit Limit, she had no idea what a revolving loan was. But she found herself used easily, intuitively, and now serves her repeatedly. He says : “Our household has a credit of CZK 35,000 as a financial reserve. In fact, we are repairing a house, so we sometimes have a loan for material in action or a craftsman. Zaloan Bank service works nonstop and is very fast. ”
  2. “ I have a Zaloan Credit up to CZK 5000. I haven’t taken a loan account yet, but I assume that in the event of sudden financial problems, this online revolving will save me immediately! ” Ms Ivana S. joins.
  3. Mr. Daniel P. states: “Zaloan Credit is the best, a revolving loan that works repeatedly as a loan without a register. Zaloan does not really require you to visit your branch or scan documents. “
  4. “I used the Credit Limit loan account four times and always without problems. I recommend! ” Adds Mr. Petr R.

Revolving Credit Accounting

Revolving Credit Accounting

If you’re a private person, don’t worry about revolving credit billing. However, the entrepreneur must list his resources. It is best to contact the accountant who will arrange everything. So just briefly. In accounting, a revolving loan is a foreign source, a commitment that the entrepreneur incurs against the bank. Short-term, medium-term and long-term loans are accounted for differently. The loan is charged immediately after the conclusion of the contract, but the accounting case only after the movement on the current account or at the cash desk has been recorded. Also, the charging of related fees cannot be overlooked.

Everything is regulated by the Accounting Act and the Czech Accounting Standard.

More about Zaloan Bank’s Revolving and Loaning

Revolving Credit Credit Limit is intended for all Czech residents older than 19 years. The Credit Limit application is submitted online and is handled almost immediately. You will only fill in basic personal data, OP number, permanent address, account number, monthly income and expenses.

We will communicate primarily online. Moreover, the popular Zaloan quick loan concept – money within 1 minute on account – is based on the website, ease and speed of use. You can contact us 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Summary: 6 Reasons for a Zaloan Revolving Loan

  1. Repeated online loans of up to CZK 80,000 – arrange an online limit of $ 2500 to $ 80,000 at Zaloan Bank, and then draw recurring loans with no administrative delays while earning the first loan interest-free. To do this, take advantage of other free services: Account Management, Payment Holidays and Change of Due Date.
  2. Continuous Lending – If you choose Zaloan Bank, you can easily settle loans and everything around them from home, at any time of day or night, over a computer or mobile. We also remind new clients that the first 30 days are 0% interest.
  3. Online Loan for Everybody, Even Installment – The Zaloan Credit Revolving Loan, with repayment option, has proven to be an effective aid for self-employed, students, parents to maternity, seniors or the unemployed, which other financial companies often forget. Zaloan loan is almost for everyone, it is enough to be a citizen of the Czech Republic up to the age of 85 and without previous obligations to this bank.
  4. Personal Loan Comfort – Zaloan Bank acts individually and always tries to find the best solution according to the actual situation of the particular client. All you have to do is choose the most pleasant way to communicate with you and the bank staff will immediately answer any questions you may have.
  5. Using Money for Anything – Thanks to the open Ferrotum revolving credit account, you can get a repeated short or longer loan, for example a new TV, a used car, a household emergency payment… You could use a smaller loan to buy Christmas gifts, furniture, a garden machine in action…? Or do you suddenly have an electrical appliance left and you need a new one? For all such and similar cases there is a Zaloan Credit loan.
  6. Fast and trouble-free approval – when completing your Zaloan loan, you usually need to complete an online form and upload copies of both sides of your ID card. “Great. I did not really expect such quick and easy approval, ” Mr. Radek confirmed. Leave your past paperwork and come with us today for loans before paying new, modern.

Try for yourself how a good solution is Zaloan Credit Revolving Credit!

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